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I am a Peace Commissioner (P.C. or Feadhmannaigh Shiochana). 

I was appointed a Peace Commissioner, in the County of Dublin and within the counties immediately adjoining that county, on the 20th June 1997 by the Minister for Justice. The duties and powers of a Peace Commissioner (P.C.) are set out in the Courts of Justice Act 1924

I served as a Director on the Board of Temple Bar Properties

I served as a member of the Loughan House Prison visiting committee

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I live and work in Oxford, United Kingdom. I am from Co. Dublin Ireland, where my Mother's family have lived for 3 generations. I am the eldest of 5 children. I am employed in IT in the private sector. I love the Internet (sad person that I am) and my corner in Cyberspace is on the net since 1994. For as long as I can remember I have had an interest in Archaeology, especially Egyptology. I am also interested in Mythology, Politics, Music, Theater, Cinema, Photography, Pubs, Clubs etc. etc. and in the event of any free time....there's always my guitars and when I'm not at a Don Baker concert or other gig, my favourite activity is going to the movies. If I have to stay at home and the TV is on then I like to watch Film4, but usually I'm hiding out in my office at home surfing the net and messing with applications. 

As you can see I have a wide range of interests and I also like to get "my hands dirty" by being actively involved with the groups and organisations in my community that share my interests. 

I don't really consider that I'm involved in lots of things but I'm always asked "how do you find the time".......I guess I just like living. 

If you really, really, want to see a photo of me , 'cos you've nothing better to do, take a look at The Blues Gig & Survival Guide.

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The Brady family coat of armsThe name Brady in Ireland is derived from the native Gaelic Mac Bradaigh Sept, which is taken from an Irish word meaning 'spirited'. This Sept was based in County Cavan. A County Clare branch of the O'Gradaigh (O'Grady) Sept changed their name to Brady in the sixteenth century. The motto which usually accompanies the Coat of Arms reads "claritate dextra" (the right hand is clear). 

I'm far from perfect, but try my best to behave in an honourable fashion. In particular I aspire to this rule from the 10 Rules of Chivalry as listed by Leon Gautier in Chivalry ISBN 1 851702687: "Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and Good and the foe of Injustice and Evil". I've taken this as my own personal motto. 

Cearúilín Ni Bhrádaigh is anim dom as gaeilge (Cearúilín Ni Bhrádaigh is my name in the Irish Language). 

If you are interested in Irish Genealogy, in fact any thing Irish, I highly recommend this site:

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I have three guitars: 

1. An Art & Lutherie AMI Cedar, which sounds absolutely fabulous and is great for spanish and classical music. My favourite piece at the moment is Adelita by Tarrega. 

2. A Seagull Acoustic Guitar which hasn't had it's strings changed in ages and sounds great for blues. My favourite blues piece is Hesitation Blues, but I don't play it anything like Don Baker or Gerry Hendrick (Don Baker Band). This is my favourite guitar. 

3. The most fantastic Epiphone Joe Pass Signature Guitar I have ever seen or heard and it's wonderful for jazz. I am aspiring to play like Dick Farrelly (Van Morrison's Band) and jazz guitar supremo ... I'm trying .... well you have to start somewhere and I thought I might as well go straight to the top. Anyway Don Baker has borrowed this guitar for the moment, so actually I'm not trying too hard.

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